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Program Summary

State of Ohio Board of Career Colleges and Schools Registration #: 14-07-2050T



School open

Tuesday thru Saturday

8:00am - 5:00pm

148 E South Boundary St

Perrysburg, OH 43551

Topic / Description Summary                                                                                             Clock Hours

Introduction to Pet Grooming - Theory                                                                                    24
Selection of Equipment/Equipment Maintenance and Care
Safety and Sanitation
Grooming Products and Supplies
Time Management
Canine Anatomy
Skin Disorders / Parasites
Pet Nutrition
Breed Recognition
Care and Grooming for Older Pets

Client Services - Theory                                                                                                                    16
Identifying Customer Needs and Expectations
Establishing/Maintaining Client Relationships
Phone Etiquette
Appointment Scheduling
Record Keeping/Maintaining Client Files

Basic Grooming – Hands On                                                                                                          280
Introduction to Basic Grooming – All Breeds
Skills Taught Include:
Assessing Condition of Pet, Handling, Nail Trimming, Basic Clipper
Techniques, Paw Pads, Sanitary, De-Matting, Brushing, Bathing,
 Fluff Drying, Undercoat removal, Anal Gland Expression,
Time Management
Basic Grooming Practical Mastered

Advanced Grooming – Hands On                                                                                              320
Introduction to Advanced Grooming – All Breeds

Skills Taught Include:
Setting Proper Breed Patterns, Finishing Clipper Techniques,
Scissoring Techniques, Thinning Techniques, Time Management
Advanced Grooming Practical Mastered

TOTAL PROGRAM HOURS                                                                                                           640